2 questions on WWE's "3rd brand" concept?

Question:1. wat yu think uf WWE "3rd brand" (under a better name of course) as opposed to ECW brand of WWE (like wuld yu hate its as much as most of yu do with the new ECW i like all 3 just need to do a lil more for ECW)?- (wats yur thoughts)

2.Wat if after WWE bought rights to WCW n ECW the 3 brands were: WWE Raw, (WWE) WCW Nitro, (WWE) ECW?- (wats yur thoughts)

and of course be wat america was built upon freedom of spech let me see ya be real come up with some new stuff ta ask me.


Chris Jericho Finisher?

I used to be a wrestling fan but quit watching it years ago. But I DO know this

1. Old ECW used to be my favorite. ECW was way more violent and more adult orientated. Thats what made ECW so good, they didnt care about children who might or might not be watching.
2. Vince McMahon helped ECW financially in the early days of ECW, so if not for Vince in the first place there might have never been a ECW
3. WCW and ECW were going out of business anyway, its good that he bought them out because then we had all the dream up matches we always wanted to see.

I quit watching wrestling after the WCW/ECW Invasion angel so I dont know about new stuff

Who's your favorite on raw?

I don't think WWE needs to changem the name it should remain ECW all that should be done is adding TV title & Tag titles.
Remove Balls Mahoney,Richards,Knox from the roster and use it as the brand that 80% of new stars debut on so in short call up more OVW talent like Harry Smith,Sonny Siaki.
It should also be 90 minutes as opposed to 1 hour.
+ a better setting/production to match Raw's & Smackdown.

WCW Nitro I believe was dead in terms of marketablity by March 2001.

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