Anyone have any tips to beat all the challenges on SD vs Raw 2007??

Some seem impossible to win.


What does Rapper mean in Wrestling?

Play them 2 player! Only, for one controler, dont touch it, use the other to just get them on the ground and pin

Did anyone notice how ridiculous Tod Grisham sounded, introducing the wrestler's to the ring on Monday?

Take off the Stamina Meter It will be easier and also make the opponent weaker by going to in game options on the options menu and lowere the CPU's stats.

Who is going to win the John Cena vs. Great Khali match?

you cant do two player.
the only thing is to keep trying and trying.

i know dude.
the first level with the mexicools and brothers of destruction pissed me off so **** bad cause they had the stupid ko thing on.

and on the 2nd level the legends suck and idk their moves so its hard.


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