A No-rope barbed-wire match in WWE?

They did it in ECW,they did it in TNA and other places as well.Do you think it could work in Vinnie-land? if so,who would be the 2 choices to perform the match?


What do you think about Jeff Hardy?

i think it would work i would say
Mick Foley as (cactus jack) vs Edge

Who much is backlash.?

what's vinnie-land
WWE Rulz

WWE? It's going to get better?

John Cena vs batista in it.

why were john's body can be scarred up and girls won't say. "ohhh how hott is john cena" and batista just cause i can't stand him

What is the best event of wwe??

someone like sabu,RVD,sandman,Jeff n matt hardy, rey mysterio

John Cena vs. Godzilla, who'd win in a WWE match?

you know WWE wresting is male bondage. Its a bunch of men in tight clothing wresting around you know the matches are there only to get them turned on and ready for sex. After the matches they go in the back and have some fun ;)

Mister Kennedy?

cactus jack and edge

Who was the heavyiest wrestler in WWE history? And how much did they weigh?

probably not.

What do you think of this match? And Who Will Win?

barbed wire match would work with mic foely and undertaker

If you could turn Mickie James into a giant, What would you have her do?

Yea it would work only with ECW originals.

TNA I need help to watch it!!!!?

It would be cool to see John Cena vs. Randy Orton in that match!

Ok guys the results are in, at least part of them. who will win at judgment day i know?

It couldn't work in Vinnie-land, they (all three brands) are trying to get more family friendly. However, if there were two current performers that could pull it off, I would put my money on Marcus Cor Von (Monte Brown) and Randy Orton. I think that those two would bring down the house with the "Holy S***!!!" chants.

Does anybody think that Bobby Lashley is the biggest McMahon puppet you have ever seen?

The likely-hood of a no-rope, barbed-wired match in the WWE isn't very high. Although, I think it would be a big match and it would have to be a main event. Not only because of the amount of blood that would cover the canvas, the other matches would not top it. The 2 Wrestlers I would have in the match are
Chris Benoit Vs Snitsky

When will Wrestlemania 24 tickets go on sale and how much for good seats?

how about a barbed wire royal rumble match!? And no it more likely to happen on sesame street or in candy-land, Vinnie land is too toned down as it stands now...

When will the WWE get someone who can out perform Christopher Daniels and A.J.Styles?

It could work but knowing WWE most the barbed wire would be very watered down with only certain areas actually sharp.
The wrestlers would probably be Mick Foley vs. Sabu

Actually Vince did plan to hold one back at Wrestlemania IV with Funk & Foley vs NAOutlaws but most of the PPV companies threated to not show the PPV if it happened.
But the way things are nowadays they would allow the match however it would put advertisers off the product & WWE is going to go more conservative this year.

Ic championship?

I thought they already did it on RAW with Mick Foley and Terry Funk.


Has to be Cena vs. Orton

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