Anyone else feel that...?

the undertaker as s*** out of his championship


What is the best match that WWE could put on with their roster today?

he was freakin injured dam people are frakn dumb,he had to so his injury couild heal

Who thinks edge is a back stabbing ** who can't win a championship match without sum 1 beating thechamp

the Undertaker was injured. That is why he had to drop the title

Whats the best Sabu Caw you've seen?

Yes, he was injured, not like that otehr moron who went beserk trying to tell you he was injured. He got injured, so he was forced to lose the title, I'm just glad it wasn't Batista who won the title.

Is Shawn Michaels Done with Wrestling?

Now Kennedy will fued with Edge and he wil be the next champ

What month is your favorite issue of WWE magazine?

As f**ked up as smackdown ended on friday, wwe had no choice. He was injured and needs time to heal.

Prepare for the worst?

ya but Edge is on smackdown and thats worse


He had an injury, he needed to give it up.

((I like both Edge and Taker))

I am Crude!?

Red Box

How do u make your own background on yahoo avatar?

OK. He got injured at a house show somewhere.

Second, you got to live with it. No one will be champion forever. Undertaker might be strong and scary but everyone has their weaknesses and if other people see the chance, they take advantage of it.

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