A question for all you ECW fans?

Question:Do you like your ECW World Champion Vince?

If not who would you like to see with the title?

Rob Van Dam?






Bobby Lashley?

For me I'm not an ECW fan anymore because I stoped wacthing ECW after Paul Heymand left the show.


Im looking to make a high quality championship title belt?

Bobby Lashley

I know this is not a wrestling question but didn't London get rid of those double decker bus's?

ariight this is some real * play boy ariight between Bobby lashly,Sabu,RVD,Sandman, i really dont give a damn becuz they wuld all be guud in my opinion

Wheres a good place to find a list of penny stocks to look at ?

Anyone except Vince or Umaga.

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