4 questions ?

Question:Do you like my new avatar ?

Who here loves Shawn Michaels ?

Who here hates John Cena ?

Do you love or hate me ?


Who Hates Maria Kanellis ?

1. u are in love with HBK

2. you, u need to get a room.

3. He is the future HBK is the past.

4. U have some issues.

Are MVP, Chris Benoit, and RVD the only people that actually bring entertainment to wwe?

1. It's unique
2. Me
3. Sometimes I love him and sometimes i hate him
4. Dont know you to comment about you

What Is The Sexiest Part Of A Wrestlers Body?

4.i dont no ya

Is Micki James pregnant?

1) Not really

2) 7/10 - my liking him as a wrestler

3) Not me.

4) I will love you if you hook me up with best answer.

Who sings the opening song on WWE RAW?

not really

hs ok

i like cena

neither i dont know you

Were can i watch backlash tonight online for free?

1. it's ok!
2. I think Shawn Michaels is great!
3. I like John Cena!
4. I like everyone til they give me a reason not to!

Lol todays may 19?

1-havent seen it
3-i do!
4-i dont know u

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