Anyone ever go backstage at a WWE event?


Who will be eliminated first and who would win in a 14-man tag team match?

no offence to the guy in front of me but of cause everyones been back stage at a wwe event( ok dudes seriously dont u have anything better to do then making up stuff)

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I used to work at the Savvis Center in St Louis, I been back stage a few times. Couldn't really talk to anyone, because they're so busy with the days production.

If you ran WWE.?

When I lived in the Biloxi MS area, I used to go backstage everytime WCW came to town. My girlfriend ran a hair salon in the mall there, and a lot of the talent came to her for cuts when they were in town, so we always got free front row and backstage. This is back right as Goldberg was becoming the big stud that he was for them, but I've hung out with Nash, Hall, Scott Steiner, Sting, had 5 minutes with Flair once, that was cool. Couldn't begin to remember all the guys I met. If you catch them in the right mood, they're just regular guys, out there working. Nash and Hall and me went to a boob-bar once on Veterans Blvd., that was some fun. Man can Nash drink... Cheers, thanks for the question, brought back some good memories

Smackdown vs raw 2007?

I did! It's so cool!! I love it!! It was during Monday Night Raw! Can't remember when though, don't know why...

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