A 45 minute main event?

Something raw hasn't done before, instead of a ten minute fight their having hbk and cena go for the remainder of the show, they started at about quarter after and it's now quarter till


I want to see a tv for FREE?

what they are still wrestling??
I turned it off when they started and they are still going??
tell me the truth, is it boring??

What are the names of ALL the major wrestling bio books?

I think they're getting desperate. The whole layout is gone down the drain, soap opera more than ever before. And TNA has gone farther than anyone expected it to.

Michaels is awesome though... they may as well use him to their advantage.

BenoƮt or MVP?

Usually in long drawn out matches of that sort, there is a title change or at least one hell of a twist being added so keep your eyes open and tuned into the show cause something huge might be in the making.

What happened on ecw?

I get the feeling that maybe since they are in London tonight-just maybe something happened and alot of the wrestlers didnt make their flight. Thats why they had this extra long match.
Thats just a guess on my part though. Its a good match regardless.

How many others?

Orton and Edge were suppose to fight but Orton is a dumby and got himself suspended so Cena and HBK have to fill time

When you think of wrestling who is the first wrestler that comes to your mind?

this is crap.even the matches at Wrestlemania don't last this long....only matches that do is the 60 minute matches.like The Rock vs Triple at Backlash.or HBK vs Hart

Where can i make special effects for a custom wrestling?

i believe in longer matches,and believe it or not cena has done 6 wrestling moves rather than the normal 5.

How come there are 20 some divas in the wwe but we see the same ones every week?

yes, this is the first Long main event in a long time on Raw. i wish this match was a Ironman match. that match would've been awesome. how ever this was due to the fact that the WWE canceled the Edge vs. Randy Orton match (due to Randy being sent home in the middle of the tour of Europe.). that was the reason the USA network put a Technical Difficulties thing on before the Womens match between Melina and Maria

How does anybody know about wrestlers relations ships all the time?

HBK just defeated John Cena with his sidekick and believe me, John Cena throw EVERYTHING at HBK and he hold it all night long.I'm a fan of John Cena, but HBK is a super wrestler and it prepares the road for Backlash..I still cheer for John Cena but he will have too much in his hands with RKO, Edge and HBK. I still think everyone against everyone, John Cena get out on top because RKO, Edge and HBK cancel each other out.

Why is Cena's pants better then Batista?

it kind of makes you think that vince is running out of ideas huh?

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