1 wrestling questions and trivia?

Question:1) What's your favorite Shawn Michaels match.
2)Guess who he is.
He's a 6 time WCW tag team champion with his brother.
He is a 1 time WCW world champion
He is a 2 time WWF tag team champion
He has a brother who is a 1 time United States champion.



the steiners have wrestled in wwe before they where tag champions there but to answer your question
1shawn vs razor wrestlemania ladder match
2 steiner bro
3scott steiner big poppa pump

Is Triple H a woman?

shawn michaels vs john cena wrestlmania match for the wwe championship belt. the trivia answer is undertaker

WWE Raw Surviour series tour - Braehead arena?

1)I guess this last one would be it
2)Bret Hart?

Would this be the perfect opportunity for Randy Orton?

scott hall a.k.a razor ramon? i dont know if that is the right answer or not

Who else is sick of this?

1. The one that just happened!
2. idk...someone said taker and hart...lol

Please Answer This?

Scott Steiner?

A really importent question?!?

1. shawn michaels v. chris benoit v. hhh at wrestlemania 20. it was amazing.

2. i think its a trick question because i can only think of the steiner brothers and harlem heat for brothers with 6 wcw tag championships. however, stevie ray never made it to the wwf and im pretty sure the steiners didn't either.

What would Stone Cold Steve Austin bought a new truck and got the worst surprise.?

1) A Fight with Triple H at Summerslam 2002.

2) The Big Bad Booty Daddy

Big Poppa Pump


The Genetic Freak

The Man with the Largest Arms in the World

The Man with the Largest Arms and Shortest Fuse in Professional Wrestling

The Physical Phenomenon


White Thunder

Scott Steiner.

For Cena Haters?

1) HBK vs Vince McMahon at WM 22
2) Scott Steiner

Candice Michelle !?

Iron man match with Bret Hart.

Scott Stiener?

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