Am I the only one that noticed that wwe is getting out of hand?

Question:people are steady getting injured. It pisses me off that Edge won the world heavyweight title, and really mr. Kennedy was supoosed to win it. So instead they chose Edge.
They are steady releasing people. They released all those people in 2004 and look at where they are at now, in TNA making money than they ever had.


Why is Vince giving Bobby Lashley this monster push.?

Both Taker and Kennedy's injuries were self inflicted training injuries. Neither occurred in ring.
The only people they have released lately other than angle were mid carders or trainees they had now real work for. Angle getting cut was just that Angle being Angle.
If anyone deserved a cut it has been Orton for being a jackass outside the ring and very unprofessional.

But is WWE going too far.. yeah when they turned pro wrestling into sports entertainment and killed the territory system as well. No real competition makes for shoddy workmanship. If youre the only carpenter in 100 miles people will forgive crappy work as they have no one else. TNA = Flashy indy wanting to be WWE without the know how, budget or ability.

How does Edge do the Edgecator ? How is it performed?

Hey, wrestling is staged. Just like a play on Broadway. Believe it now because you are going to feel real foolish later when you finally discover this.

Does anybody no the answer?

If you think Edge as World Champion is a bad thing, than you don't know good wrestling.

WWE Draft?

You can thank the Chairman Vince for all of this. The storyline people are just doing what he tells them to. He should act like a chairman instead of a fool. He don't realize it but he can be the demise of his fathers organization if he don't stop acting like he does and start acting like the Chairman.

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