A Question about a WWE Superstar?

Question:I watch WWE Smackdown every Friday night.

There is a wrestler named The Boogeyman.

I think he is a good wrestler, but there is only one question that comes to my mind and that is...

"How long do you think will take or be for his first WWE or World Heavyweight title?"

Because as I watch him, it seen like he will never have a title shot beside scarying the heart out of people.

What do you think?

Will we see him have a title around him someday and how long will it be? Who against? If he was the champion right now, how long do you thinik he will hold the title?


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the boogeyman has talent but he doesnt care about titles or accomplishing anything he just likes scaring the crap out of people but if he came out and scared john cena, cena would think of it as a challenge and give boogeymana a shot at his wwe title

WWE Question?

He will never get a title shot
maybe if he worries more about wrestling than scarying people

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The Boogeyman will never hold the majors titles until he stops being a gimmick

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I hope he at least gets some tag team gold, but main eventer would be awsome.

Why didn't WWE wait?

I think they'll give Boogyman The champion-ship one day.

In light of last night and seeing how ridiculous WWF is getting here is the future champ?

i agree he is a GREAT WRESTLER!! and i think WWE might squeeze him in one day for a title. but right know he just needs to worry about scaring ppl..

Ppl from what im hearing here their trying to turn edge anyone else think so too?

Cartman says just like carlito he'll never be champ. now thats cool!

If i offered you 10 bucks to beat the crap out of me would you do it?

he as already held a title a year or so ago my friends son loves him

Name the wrestler?


Best commentating team?

he will never get a title shot
hes pretty much just a gimmick!
not championship material

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