5 best "big men" ever (dont have to be in order)?

Question:In terms of strength, size and agility, memorable matches, characters OR just how much you like them! (not JUST size and strength!) and give a reason why for each wrestler.

They have to be 6'6 or over at least.

Mine are;

1. Kane (so powerful, especially with the mask, and so athletic too and a great character, also hes 6"10)

2. Undertaker (big strong guy, but damn what an athlete!, and he took part in some of the best matches ever, and hes 6"9)

3. Mike Awesome (a powerhouse, but SO damn athletic, i was never and am not a ecw fan really.but he was so athletic and impressive, i think hes around 6"6-6"7)

4. Big Show/the giant) (hes THE big show... enough said!)

5. Kevin Nash (people are very quick to criticise nash, but he was a really strong guy, he was so close to the height of big show, i think he was 6"11 by his own admission, but he was always billed as 7"-7"1, had a few cool moves. and he knew how to put on a show, personally i always liked him)


In a tlc triple threat tornado tag macht who would win?

1. Andre the Giant 7'4 500 + and still very agile in his prime.
2. Undertaker. To fly over the ropes at WM23 at his age and size is impressive.
3. Kane is my all time favorite and extremely agile for his size.
4. Big Show. The man does things someone his size should not be able to do.
5. Kevin Nash. When he was healthy there was nobody better.

Was wwf wrestler brother love sincere when he told his fans?

Bam Bam Bigelow
Big Show
Kevin Nash

Are you happy about this?

mike awesome, yokozuna, bam bam bigelow, undertaker, and the legend andre the giant... .

When is triple h comin back?

kevin nash
andre the giant
king kong bundy
big show
giant gonzalez

Which under used TNA wrestler would you like to see wrestling for the WWE?

kane undertaker andre big john studd and kevin nash

Eddie guerrero new theme video?

Alexander Karelin - Olympic champion.

Is that Kahli's Boyfriend?

1. Undertaker(because there has to be a reason going 15-0 at Mania)

2.Kane (He is so powerful and is one of the most feared wrestlers today)

3.The great Khali(I don't like him but the guy is so dominant)

4.Big Show (The guy was dominant everytime and only a few people could knock him down)

5.Kevin Nash(He always put on a show for the fans

6.Rey Mysterio(Just Kidding)

Who is better.?

How about the order is who takes the most steroids. Wrestling is fake and scripted.

What is up with so many injuries and releases?

1.of course its KANE this tall but really strong man walks upon 7 ft 355 lb

2. BATISTA the strongest wwe superstar except Mark henry
but is surely loved by all fans across the world

3. Bobby Lashley the former ecw champ and is looking to get his gold back after defeating umaga he is ranked 3. not many ppl and can stop the somaon bull doozr

4. the UNDERTAKER the most deadly person on earth in wwe wrestling is most dominate for his height 6'11 and is undefeated at wrestlemania 15-0 from his past victory over batista he is number 4

5. Great o'l 5 does great remind u of sumting yes. the GREAT Khali ius ranked 5. for being 7'3 unstoppable and forceful he is undefeated

If u were HBK last night and u were fighting Kahli what would u of done?

1. vader he was 400 or 500 pound man doing moonsaults and everything else
2.scott norton great strenght he was quick and he could actually wrestle hints the multi time champion over in japan
3..andre the giant eight wonder of the world and at the time the biggest athlete in sports.heck he turned overcars and stuff before we ever heard of mark henry or batista.plus he was undefeated for 7 years.
4.yokozuna he made a great transtition from sumo to professional wrestler something most ufc guys had trouble with plus he could move pretty quickly for the size he was.
5.abbdulha the butcher he was hardcore before it was a catch phrase.

If you could be.?

Big Show
The Undertaker
Brock lesner
Bam Bam Bigelow

What makes u sicker or makes u wanna barf more?

Mike Awesome
Big Show

Did anyone see that stupid cena fan?

This is a tough question but here are 5 that I think are at least in the conversation:

1. Andre the Giant (when he was young he could actually move around a bit in the ring.)
2. Big Show (Same as Andre...just a little more personality!)
3. Ernie Ladd (.Rest in peace)
4. Undertaker (great wrestler, incredible gimmick)
5. Kevin Nash (Without him or Scott Hall...the nWo wouldn't have been too SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!)

Others: Kane, Mike Awesome (I didn't see him wrestle alot before he passed, but I did see him...athletic as hell) King Kong Bundy (FIVE.FIIIIIIIVE!), Bam Bam Bigelow

Best match of judgment day? (SPOILERS AHEAD!!)?

Kevin Nash
Andre The Giant

Whos better?

1: Undertaker, 5-time world champ, 15-0 @ WM, cool outside the ring and DAMN what a striker!

2:GOLDBERG, He was just cool, especially the spear.

3:Kevin Nash: Part of nWo and used a cool Jacknife as his special.

4:Brock Lesnar, 3- time champ, exiting to watch, THE NEXT BIG THING

5: Kane, im not sure if I like him or hate him. He's on the list and he comes out with a hook, but hes only been champ once and he screwed up the undertaker into what he is today.

Who do you think is faster? The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels?

Brock Lesnar
Go way back and see Killer Kowalski.

Team 3d vs Steiner Brothers!!?

Big Show
Kevin Nash
Andre the Giant

Tittle Contenders?

I stared your question..anyway

Andre the giant

Big Show

Mike Awesome

Mark Henry


I would think thers much more!

When will Cena drop drop his title?

the undertaker-an amazing wrestler and performer! living legend!

Kane-only with the mask. very tough and intimidating

brock lesnar (i'm hoping he's tall enough!)-a gr8 wrestler and superstar

Big Show- in 1999-2002, ecw was the downfall of him

kevin nash (especially as diesel)

My friend, Satan is trying out to be a pro wrestler. He is going to be a good guy. What should his name be?

Not in order here's my five:
the Undertaker - he's got the gimmick & the smarts Plus he can brawl all night & still come back.He's alot quicker than ppl think & he's v agile - just look at his Old School move.He's been in so=me great matches like v Mankind & Stone Cold.
Bobby Lashley - for a new guy he's become very talented & v strong.He's quick & agile & that Dominator maove rocks.He gets my vote too for the Hair match at WM23.
Sid Vicious - psychotic talented gifted for a huge guy who played thecrowd as a heel.He was athletic for one so tall & with Dan Spivey as the Skyscrapers was an amazing tag.
Vader from WCW - a huge guy some might even say fat.But he was talented quick off the ropes for his size & could move.Some of his matches against the likes of Flair & Luger were amazing.
Lex Luger from WCW as well.A big bodybuilder turned grappler who fooled everyone.Ppl thought this hulk a soft touch in-ring.Wrong! He could move, wrestle & outsmart you in the ring.His Rack submission move was a guaranteed win.

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