A question about edge?

Wasn't whae itt he did on sd not amazing well marks will hate it but true fans will love it what do you guys think?


Who agrees that if Vince wouldn't have run his mouth Mon we would have seen RKO and Cena's conclusion?

what?! well..i think i may knw what u said so...edge didnt do all da work but he sure did win the belt!!

Random Trivia?




This Isn't Technically A Wrestling Question, But...?

Edge is a great superstar and a great heel. The way he used his money in the bank was better than how Kennedy was planing to use it.

Who agrees and who disagrees?

i think he's a cheater
but he has brains for doing that

The figure four is stupid?

It was brilliant, though most will flip around the old saying and say he has "more brains than guts".

So I was wrestling in my backyard...?

Check the poll on wrestlingobserver.com on the show Friday...Edge will be a great champion and the ratings will show it

Wrestling question?

no bcuz the best way to win w/ a mitb is by using it after a seirous battle where there bleeding or hurt

When was your favorite time hearing The Rock sing?

he was smart for doing that lol

What Show Is Trish Stratus On?

Mister Carlos pretty much said every good thing I could say about what Edge did on SmackDown, and he even foresaw the "more brains than guts" comment I was planning on making.

Of course, to call it "amazing" is a travesty. Edge didn't amaze me. He didn't even do anything unusual for his character. What he did was seize an unbelievably-ripe opportunity and became World Heavyweight Champion, and I can respect that much of his actions. What I can't respect is that he attacked Undertaker with the briefcase after taking the belt.

Hopefully his title reign isn't very long, and that Matt Hardy is the next World Heavyweight Champion. Did Edge really think this one through, or did he forget about Matt Hardy being a SmackDown superstar despite being one half of RAW's World Tag Team Champions?

I need some stuff on the history of wwe for school report , please list some websites that wont be blocked?

i have no idea what you just said

Is raw so jealous of smackdown! when we had cena as wwe champ in smackdown! also we had spinning wwe champ?

John Cena should though Edge in water again

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