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1. What does R.K.O. stand for?
2. Who did Orton beat to win the World Heavyweight Title?
3. At what PPV did Orton win the World Heavyweight Title?
4. Also what year?


How do they do it?

1) Randal Keith Orton
2) Chris Benoit
3) SummerSlam
4) 2004

Whats the best move to make a woman give up in a fight?

Randy Keith Orton

Why wont Flair just retire?!?

randy keith orton

Where does Hulk Hogan live I am talking about key west star island or something like that?

1) Randy Legend Killer Ortan
2) Chris Benoit
3) SummerSlam
4) 2004


Anyone has backlash spoilers?

really ogre
his fat ***

What does JTG(cryme tyme) stand for?

G6260 really knows his stuff

MVP is the champ?

1. Randy Keith Orton or Randy '' Killer '' Orton
2. Orton beat Benoit
3. i dunno
4. 2004

Im sorry but?

Randy Keith Orton
Chris Benoit

John cenas title reighn?

Randy Keith Orton
Chris Benoit

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