Hardest Question Ever!?

If you are writing a paper about how wrestling is the best sport and show on Earth, what will be the purpose of my paper?


How to make a wrestling show?

to destroy WWE

No one can live up to?

u just said it.

2 questions?

1) it's not your paper...it's my paper that im writing
2) i dont give a frick

Who would you rather see in playboy Mickie James or Melina?

Well if I were to write a paper on how wrestling is the best sport on Earth, then your paper would probably offer a counter agrument explaining why wrestling isn't real but that it makes for gr8t entertainment.

Should edge host another live sexx celebration after winning the whc on smackdown!?

the purpose would be explaining how wrestling is such a physicly demanding

Rko was better then dx?

. . .

Create a storyline?

What you just said; the purpose would be to show how wrestling is the best sport and show on Earth! You just said it!.

What is the sense in even having the origionals around if the only one they're going to really use is RVD?

well it would be saying the its kinda kool and kinda fake at times.

Whats next?

the purpose would be that even though it is fake at times wrestling is still a physically demanding sport

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