A real wrestling question this time here it is read on.?

Question:Charles "Too Cold Scorpio" Skaggs and Rob Conway were released today by WWE

does anybody care that these two where fired?


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i dont really recall much about too cold scorpio, but i think robert conway had a bit more left for the WWE.. but once again this is another example of WWE wasting talent.. like one of the guys they let go was psicosis.. i would have liked to see him and rey rekindle their rivalry from way back when...

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I honestly didn't know that Too Cold Scorpio was wrestling, what name was he under this time? They have tried several angels with Conway, unfortunately, they were all pretty much the same. It's their own fault they didn't work, it's hard to dislike a character that never wins anything. Good riddance, it's time to do SOMETHING to shake things up, hopefully they do more than fire jobbers.

Jericho is not returning for sure. No one knows that. Why do u people insist on spreading things?

Nope, because they havent wrestled in ages on Raw or Smackdown or ECW... so i dont really care...

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Hahahaha.I dont care cuz Coneay sucked and i dunno the 1st guy.

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Rob Conway is very talented wrestler but was given stupid gimmicks for want of a viable character.Skaggs is in dire need a transformation as well and wwe is not known for being any help in such things.

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What? I thought Rob Conway was already released from wwe a long time ago

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I dont

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Not really. Hopefully they'll go to TNA where they won't be held back.

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oh look... there's the bunny again

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No. Not really. 2 Cold Scorpio had potential. Both of them however didnt have what it took to be main eventers.

This is more of a comment then a question?

I dont care if Charles "Too Cold Scorpio" Skaggs and Rob Conway gets fired, because i dont see them more often and why should i care for those jerks and they might go to TNA instead.

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too cold was is awesome wrestler. i have no ideal why they release him and the great khali still has a job

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Nope i don't care. I didn't know that they were still with the company.

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