What do you think of Regal & Finaly teaming up?

Question:They are both vets, and both have slow pace styles. Would be be better than Regal and Taylor.

I kind of like Regal..well at least when he was with Tarjiri.

Why he always get stuck with sorry guys.. the pirate guy among others?




Was the "Great Muta" the best Japanese wrestler to break-through in america? If not! Who?

No, I like the team of Regal and Taylor better.

Why does everyone think that raw is the best show when it's obviously ecw?

what the heck are you asking, man
ask me a real question

Who would win if they fought umaga or rikishi?

Well.I like the Regal/Taylor combo, but I wouldn't mind seeing him team up with the "Belfast Bruiser".

NWA's wrestlers involved in tournament for their World Championship they took back from TNA (see details)?

He has teamed with him in the past but they are more likely foes than team mates. Now it would be interesting to see Regal and Talor (pair of Brits) go after Finlay.

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