3 wwe questions?

Question:1.When and who will edge lose his World heavyweight title?
i think at summerslam against mr. kennedyyyyyy
2.Will HBK have another title reighn and if he does what title?
i think yes and it will be the wwe title
3.will the wwe fire the ecw origanials when rvd leaves?
i think yes because ecw will be nothing without rvd and vince and shane are gay together


What do u guys think of this match?

1. he may lost to Batista but he may keep it

2. maybe the WWE title .. my guess is that he will win it at Vengeance

3. I dunno if Originals will do good without RVD.adn Vince and Shane..i agree

What year was eddie guerrero born?

1. Im guessing Mr.Kennedy too
2. No he wont because he doesnt want the title
3. Yes they will because RVD helps the originals and without him they will fall apart

What does everyone think about Sabu being fired today?

all fuckin true ,except i think edge will beat kennedy,then taker will win th title at survivor series
rock on


If there would of been no interference, who would of won? Goldberg or Sting?

All these are possibilities.

Why did wwe release scotty 2 hotty after all these years?

I agree with all what you think, except with the 3rd question, I think RVD is the best ECW wrestler, but Vince won't fire the ECW originals because with/without RVD they are still better than the New Breed.

Who's ready for Smackdown tonight?

1 Undertaker 2 Yes, WWE but he won't keep it long 3 Yes

Were can i watch backlash for free tonight?

Edge will lose his title to mark henry the strongest man in the world.Mark Henry don't listen to those people they are playing you.I don't know if shawn may have another title reigh.Sahwn should should do ic.Santo marellia.100 and something pounds.Men in the wwe do not have that kind of weight.The played Chris Masters.Who knows about firing.The might have beef again.

About WWE's Recent Firings?

1. probably to Mr. Kennedy whenever he comes back.
2. if he does want one, look for Vengenance or Summerslam
3. yes because face it, they don't do that much for ecw right now.

Who would you like to team up with?

1) against triple H!

2)for the IC championship

3)nope! ecw is cool and so are the originals.
rvd is the best wrestler in ecw

If you become a wrestler, what will your theme song be?

1. Most likely against Mark Henry, if anybody. They don't want to strap the belt on Batista that soon, partly because of his attitude towards the business. Look for a match at Vengeance.

2. He wants to push younger talent, so that pretty much is a no. If at all, maybe the IC.

3. So far, Sabu and Sandman are on the chopping block. Dreamer's heading to management, which leaves Balls, presumerably on the block as well. They maybe, sign them to a 1 year extension, but with ECW ratings, I pretty much doubt that.

How many people in the wrestling section dream of being a WWE Superstar?

1. at the royal rumble to the Undertaker
2. soon
3. idk

What do you think is better?

1. Vengance - Randy Orton (hopefully)
2. Yes, IC fued with Chris Masters
3. Yes, ECW sucks especially the Originals. RVD is good though

Is John Cena single, what is he up to now?

i agree
cm punk is good aswell

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