A Diva Question?

does the match that happen in paris where Mickie won the title then lost it minutes later count as a title reign ??


Is WWE real like the fighting and the stunts?

Well it does, but I dont think the WWE will talk about it or anything! because title changes RARELY happen at House shpws...if ever!

What if Stone Cold went to Arby's and ordered 4 Beef N' Cheddars but got only 3 instead. What would he do?

yep... she should be 3time champ...

Is swimmer really a swimmer?


Some WWE Trivia...?

YEah it counts as the shortest title reign ever.

but it says that only happened because when Mickie James covered VIctoria she forgot to kick out.

so they had a rematch later and melina won

Your top ten wrestlers ever??

yes it counts

Sabu released from WWE?

Yes of course !

If wrestling gimmicks were real who would be more stupid John Ceman or Eugine?

yeah in the first match it was a three way Melina vs Victoria vs Mickie James. James pinned Victoria to win the belt. That was a mistake because Victoria forgot to kick out.
To fix the mistake they had another quick match later in the night where it was Mickie vs Melina where Melina won by holding the ropes for the pin

What do you think is the best finisher?


Does anyone think that the Hogan and Russo dilemma was part of WCW's death?

No it was a mess-up. Victoria was supposed to kick out and she didn't. Mickie wasn't supposed to win the title back that night. Read my question about it..

sources- pwheadlines.com

For wwe fans: whatever became of the ultimate warrior?

yeah lol but it was a mess up!

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