What was the last thing that went through Owen Hart's mind?

Question:the ring post

fake wrestling sucks


Does anyopne remember bruno samartino ?

Fake wrestling sucks? Then How come Owen Hart is dead then?

Who disapproves of Edge being WHC?


What 2 wrestlers would make a good stable?

Wow, thats pretty mature. Yeah, wrestling is "staged" but accidents happen. Just imagine if that was a friend or family member at their job. You want jokes about that? Try to act a little more human.

Should wrestling be in the sprots genre and should wrestling be in the highlights on in sportscenter ?

it was im going to die. probably very sad

Who is batter at wwe?

This is one of the most classless posts I've ever read. Too bad we can't coop up all the idiots who use the internet into one room and starve them...we'd need a very big room.

So is EDGE a Raw or a SmackDown! Superstar?

Yeah , it's fake BUT I'd give 100 bucks to see you get in the ring hahaha , bet it would'nt be so fake then ! Just look at mick foley if you want fake ? Yeah right .

Last thing thru his mind ?

Schroll down!The Student of Backland teacher of sting Was "Hot Shot" eddie Gilbert. You guys are not true fans


Who thinks its funny?

MR.Carlos is right no class & pretty low.

Where can i find Video on Ravishing Rick Rude?

beating the crap out of vince

Cool idea ECW and TNA vs Raw and Smackdown?

how can people like u be so mean.. owen hart was a great wrestler and you should respect him. RIP OWEN HART!

Isn't Scotty 2 Hotty's finisher move just W-I-E-R-D?

not funny

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