Any ideas about who might face the Dead Man at Wrestlemania 24?

I know it's way too early, The Undertaker might not even be there but still, what's your thoughts?


Sabu released?

John Cena, he has been defeated @ Mania perfect opponent for Taker
Edge, since he claims hes never been defeated @ Mania

One Line That Changed the Whole Course of Monday Night War ?

Id say The Rock, idk i just have a feeling the wwe will be bring him back to end the streak.

Hey guys, can any one help me to know the details of world wrestling champion torny?

Bobby Lashley

Sacrifice was awsome just like I knew it would be,what did you think tna fans?

Oh, he will be there. A wrestlemania w/o Taker is like a day w/o sunshine. I would like to see him fight the Rock if he comes back

Should i go 2?

mr kennedy said that he will cash it in at wrestlemania 24 so that means against the undertaker

I know this is late but does WWE think we're stupid?

Theres a fair bet on either HBK or Edge, maybe Cena.

Why don't people laugh at cena jokes?

the rock?? of course not, the only way he'd come back if his movie career didnt go well. i think mr. kennedy, hes got mic skills and a good performer

Who is the best wrestler of all time?

Maybe Kane.. or im thinking someone, a rising star like Umaga? Kevin Thorn?

I'm a fan of rvd but this is just too funny?

undertaker Mark Calloway is hurt now its a long time until next year sometimes folks need a break but if he is there it will be 15-0

The best finisher?

who knows if undertaker will be back.
cause he is injured right now and he might not be champion cause he has to drop his title to batista and then someone else might take it and who knows it might be REY MYSTERIO defending his title at WM 24

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