Whom do you like more HBK or CENA ? please VOTE?


Your top 5 favorite wrestlers and divas from all 3 brands.?


all the way!!
i hate cena!

Great Khali VS Rey Misterio VS Hornswoggle Vs Austin Powers Mini-me?


Which theme music did you like better from his "American BadAss" theme?


Is sumo going to win tonight?

HBK of course! no one can make matches like him! and when he does make matches? he makes the kind where you can't stop looking at the match and would have your eyes glued to the television! plus he's unpredictable!! you'll never know what he will do next coz he's the showstopper! and he can make an ordinary match into a match like you've never seen before! why? because he can!!!!!!!!!...

What happend on TNA?

CENA is the best

Does this rule still apply?

I think cena is better because........
1.He has won the title 3 times!
2.who else can lift umaga.
3He beat dx by himself.

How do i get the crowd to boo me?

HBK all the way!!
i hate cena!
every other superstar on the wwe roster i like more than cena except for the miz. i hate cena and the miz the same.
i hate cena because
1. he is too overrated
2.he is just... crazy
3. if you want some, come get some. that saying was made in like... 1970 or something?

Today john cena birday?

I would say HBK from about 10-11 years ago. The current version is too family oriented and unwilling to get his hands dirty in controversy. The old HBK was controversial and uninhibited. He cut some of the greatest promos and did some innovative stuff in and out of the ring.

As for Cena, I never liked him. His rapper gimmick was ridiculous. People don't take wrestlers seriously anyway and when they try to act or rap or play any kind of music, the mainstream is going to laugh. His current gimmick has no personality. He salutes people because of his movie and he does the same moves in the ring during every match. The best thing for him to do is turn him heel and let him find some kind of personality. Until then, the fans can boo him all the time (most of them do anyway) and the WWE won't look foolish trying to get him over.

Did anybody on here see The Condemned?


Is this the best Cena parody you've ever seen?

Cena is the best

What did you think of that gay purple suit on mr.mcmahon yesterday?

I love HBK cus he is the best !

I hate Cena cuz Cena Sucks !

I just called a dude "sweetheart" in my movie, did that sound pretty gay ?

I only like HBK. I can't stand Cena. The guy thinks we can't see him. Hello bone head i am not blind.

Whats the story behind the whole mr. perfect destroying hulk hogans belt at saturday nights main event?

cena michaels is a fake christian and he screwed bret

Who Thinks John Cena and Kelly Kelly Would Make a Cute Couple?


Did Shawn Micheals and Triple H?

Cena is the best.
But like HBK too.

Whats your favourite finsiher in TNA or WWE...right now?? i like the 619...very unique move?

HBK is God.

Did you know?


You know what should happen?

cena, hbk turns on his friends to much

Het Raw Diva Melina and nitro suck, Maria and jeff Hardy rule.?


How the Undisputed championship was made?

Shawn Michaels

Do you guys know what a ring rat is?

HBK. DX rulez!!

Who would win giant godzales or the great khali i mean you know why this makes a good match?

First of all, great question !
I like much more HBK, he is RAW ! He is the best entertainer I've ever seen in that WWE ring ! He's is also a great wrestler with amaizing moves ! And he makes us laugh so much with DX thing !

Wrestling Promotions?

Cena all the way

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