12 year old is obsessed with WWE Wrestling. They will be coming to our town soon and I want to buy tickets.?

This will be his first wrestling event live. Is there anyway he could met some of the wrestlers personally, any such thing as backstage tickets?


What do you think will Happen if Great khali teams up with Undertaker? reward 10 points?

not sure. best to ask wwe.com. i met jake the snake roberts by accident. my cousin met larry "lex luger" phohl in a 4 star gas station years ago. anything is possible

Where can i find a live video stream for judgment day?

try to buy tickets and after the show see if you can meet up with some of the wrestlers tat are backstage, maybe you'll be lucky enough

What is the meaning of chris jericho's 'Y2J'?

i dont think there are backstage seats but thy ticket master or wwe.com
try to get as close as posable

Do you know the due date of Rey Mysterio's return?

well I dont know where you live and who they are.but their limo has to be around there somewhere

How many wrestlers have been screwed over by Vince McMahon?

I went to Smackdown in Pittsburgh back in 2001, You can watch them arrive in there rented cars and limos then watch them leave.

Was wwf wrestler brother love sincere when he told his fans?

no there isnt

Do you think that ECW needs more than just one title?

There could be. Try going to WWW.WWE.COM Or am trying to go to the websites add search it for you . I could tell you if add me to your contact's and email me at aasatyen@yahoo.co.in

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