2006 was the?

year of king booker. wh champion, king of the ring and champion of champions. who agrees


Why did Kurt Angle go to TNA??

Whatever you're talking about, I couldn't care less.


...no...king booker sucks...

NWA championship?

king booker rules

What do you think about wwe wrestling.?

I agree 100%!

What do you think is going to happen to the Undertaker title reign?

Dude it was the year of Cena

Lol i didn't know a diffrent guy played Undertaker for like a month and he was known a the Underfaker lol

yea 2006 was king bookers best year in the wwe

What ever happened to The Ultimate WARRIOR?

it was the year of DX!

RVD vs Jeff Hardy vs Sabu vs New Jack vs AJ Styles?

I can dig that , sucka!

Who would win?

Booker has definatly paid his dues and he does deserve it. But MAN! At least throw Steevie Ray a bone and give him a shot at like the inter-continental belt or something.

How are they going to handle the Undertaker injury situation?

i do because this is a fact


2006 was the year of dx and jeff hardy and rated rko/hardy boyz.not king booker and miz they are all sucks

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