Answer this fantasy question mini royal rumble match.Who will win?

Question:Suppose every wrestler is in his prime and young. Who will win in a mini royal rumble no-holds bared match between:
1.Hulk Hogan
2.Andre The Giant
3.Bret Hart
4.Stone Cold Steve Austin
5.The Rock
6.John Cena
7.Triple H
10.Bobby Lashley
11.The Undertaker
12.The Ultimate Warrior



Get me up to speed on wrestling?

Hulk Hogan

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Where is Edge?

Andre wins.

What is the theme song of monday night RAW?

Andre. I mean cmon, do YOU see anyone throwing his big *** out?

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What Time Is TNA Today on?

Undertaker. He's great now, but in his prime he won the WWF title as the first title that he ever won. And he could take down Giant Gonzales so can also throw out Andre.

Rikishi's back w/ WWE?

The Rock---Because he had brawn, speed, agility, and all-around wrestling prowess to match even the greatest wrestlers.

Judgement Day?

It would all come to The Ultimate Warrior.The Undertaker,HBK,HHH,and The Rock.HHH and Shawn Michaels would eliminate The Ultimate Warrior,then seconds after HHH would get eliminated by The Undertaker,then The Rock would eliminate Shawn Michaels about 30 seconds after and then The Rock would eliminate The Undertaker.

What is the real name of Stone Cold?

The final 7 in are Andre, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and The Rock. First everyone eliminates Andre. Then Shawn Michaels eliminates the rock with Sweet Chin Music. Triple H comes by and eliminates Shawn Michaels. While Triple H is laughing at HBK, Steve Austin comes by and eliminates him. Undertaker eliminates Bret Hart. As Undertaker eliminates Bret Hart he gets injured. As the refs tend to Bret, Undertaker eliminates Steve Austin. No refs see it. As Taker celebrates Steve Austin comes in and eliminates Taker to win the rumble just like he did in 2001.

Who will batista feud with once he wins the belt?

Good Superstars except John Cena,....

Final four
Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Vs Undertaker VS Andre The Giant

and the winner
Bret Hart

Do you like to see WWE bring WCW Nitro and Thunder and WWE Heat back on air again?

Although I will always be a faithful fan of Bret Hart, I'd have to give it to Andre, IF we are talking about the wrestlers in their prime. Although the other wrestlers are extremely talented, and yes 'taker would give Andre a run, the giant would come out on top.

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