1997 scott steiner?

I don't know if anybody saw the early 97 version of the steiner brothers,but did anyone notice that scotty steiner looked at least around the 280 pound mark?Not as ripped as he is now or during 99-01,but sometimes even bigger than he was during the big poppa pump era?


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yeah he was getting ready to become big poppa pump i mean he had start looking the part before turning.i think the 80s steiners where alot better athletic wise franiesteiner that was awsome.and the ddt from the shouolders of rick or the bulldog from shoulders of scott was an awesome finisher.

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Yeah he doesn't even look like the same person as he did when they first deputed!!I have a WWF magazine from either 93 or 94,w/ them on the cover,and he looks nothing like the he does today,if I didn't know any better I wouldn't even believe it was the same person!!

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Yeah, the Steiner brothers of early WCW were an awesome tag team. They could have matched up very well with the Road Warriors. They were very Stong AND very athletic. Scott sold it all away when he change to his "Big Poppa Pump" persona. He's not half the athelte he used to be.

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yep the Steiner Brothers of the late 80's and early 90's were a very respected tag team all over the world and very athletic and made allot of moves popular in the states. The Steiners did wrestle the Road Warriors and beat them in the early 90's. It's a shame Scott got to Roided up becuase he was really awesome to watch when he was in his prime.

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