Any wrestling fans out there love what edge did on smackdown?

the whole thing in the cage match was so predictable. mark henry was lame, but when edge came down i was so happy. best thing to happen on smackdown in a while. too bad kennedy couldnt have done more with it though.


Could someone please tell me why is Bimbo Khali getting this huge push?

Yeah. Finally something happened that made me actually watcha dn tape the damn thing instead of just reading the results in the web. Edge is still ok-ish to me and finally he got some good gold around his waist. Hes been in the business longer than most superstars like John Cena yet he never held a heavyweight gold for a long time. wat gives?

Smackdown VS. Raw 2007?

its nice to make contriversonal and unpredictabe things happen in the wwe

Ok so what is you favorite match at judgement day?

of course everybody was happy it's the smartest move Vince has done in smack down in a long time!

now that he's the champ and he is gonna face "Batista" ooh scary... NOT, i think he will loose the title against taker in Wm24!!

Who thinks the WWF Hulk Hogan had better times than the WWE wrestlers?

ive gotten used to edge doin ** moves, but yea im startin to like him, wish he woulda got cena instead of taker

Judgement day spoilers?

I wouldn't say I "loved it". I thouight it was very intresting though. WWE has made Edge so opptunistic. Like when he did the same thing to Cena at New Years Revoultion. I thought it was good though,.

Are you excited for the Snisky/Lashley feud in ECW?

Hi i am Johny. will you be my friend?

Do you think that TNA is just another WCW?

Well edge is on the fence for me but I am glad that the wwe changed things around instead of Batista won fights mark Henry YOWNSORZ it will be interesting to watch smack down now with the rated r super star on there and probably feuding with Mr.KENNEDY oooooo its going to be awesome

How do u ride legs in wrestling?

The only part that I didn't like about it was the fact that Undertaker (due to his injuries requiring for him to take time off) was the victim. I really, REALLY was hoping that he would use it again on Cena.

It was cool, all-in-all.

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