Any Bret Hart fans out there?

Iam 33 & although Bret has retired I dont know many BH fans about.


Check this out?

My God,Yes! I loved him the first time I saw him many years ago.I like the way he wrestles.No fancy stuff,just down-to-earth wrestling.

John cena or triple h...?

I used to like The Hart Foundation...

What happend at judgement day?

Oh my god I used to love Bret the hitman hart and the Hart family. Also British Bulldog.

Which is better in wwe,smackdown,raw or ecw?

Yea, Bret Hart is one of the greatest legends there are

Who should be the next WWE Champion (that is not injured)?

Hells yeah. I was a Hart foundation fan before he was even solo. Brett has always been the best, is still the best and will always be the best...wait, that kind of sounded like his catch phrase,didnt it?

What is the best single piece of advice for a hardcore backyward wrestling match?



Does anyone here like viscera's entrance theme?

I used to love Bret Hart but then he started complaining how he lost to Shawn Michaels in his last match. Ok give it up it's a show and that's that...

Which wrestler dances the best?

Yeah,Bret Hart was always on of my favorite wrestlersand really started people having submissions for a finishing move and created one of the best submission moves,also because he was one of the best subbmission wrestlers ever.

Where is Paul Heyman and does he have anything planned on building his own wrestling company?

The best there is, the best there was and the best there will ever be! Bret "The Hitman" Hart!

You guys remember Eddie Guerrero's bedtime story?

Owen Hart is great.

Who do u want to win at backlash? cena or great khali be honest?

Bret Hart fan here. :) I'm actually 20, but been watching since the early 1990s. Doesn't matter as long you're a fan, right?

Spanish speakers: What did Carlito say tonight (May/7th)on Raw?

theres billions of bret hart fans
and im one of them

Do you think yahoo user swimmer is really magic maker.?

the simple answer is yes.

This is what i don't get how come #1Fan_HannahMontana...?

I like the Hitman. I love his finisher: the sharpshooter. The best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be!

If Sting wins the title,will the TNA title be the top title in wrestling?

total Bret hart fan i thought it was brill he was inducted in to the hall of fame and he did a great speech but i did feel let down he didn't appear on the night of wrestlemania!

Why did they cancel 5 questions?



Yea, Bret Hart is one of the greatest legends there are


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What do you like more about sensational sherri?

I was a big fan of Bret Hart and still am to certain extent, he has had a lot to deal with in the wrestling world but if he could come to peace with himself I'm sure he could make a welcome return in some capacity.

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