About Jeff Hardy's girlfriend?!?

Are him and Beth married? And where can I find some pictures of her? And does she have a myspace??


What do you think of a TNA, ROH, WSX merger?

she used to have some up a long time ago, before people found out she was Jeff's on/off girlfriend. But now no pics of her that I know of now.
no she dosen't have a myspace.

Who's the funniest in the wrestling section?

J.J. Hardy.

Why is Vince McMahon insulting black people by wearing that nylon thing on his head?

Didn't you just ask this question yesterday? Look back at your first post instead of putting up the exact same question.

Is raw so jealous of smackdown! when we had cena as wwe champ in smackdown! also we had spinning wwe champ?

R U loco?

Barbie Blank?

Have you tried doing a search on them? You can go to myspace and search to see if she has a page.

Better alliance?

Why don't you ask her?

How come Victoria doesn't show any desire for the Women's Championship?

Yeah he sucks and has suck for a long time

Which wrestlers do yall like?

They're married i read it from a website and maybe you could go on yahoo search to find pictures of her and maybe she has a myspace.


Wow, stalker much?

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