A song deticated to Lashely and vince?


As for a real wresting question who else is sick of batista always in the title picture.


Ok why is SD makin like undertaker the champ?

Awesome song...Batista is kind of good but it is time to put other people in the title picture such as Jeff Hardy or Perhaps Matt Hardy..or anyone for that matter..Batista has been in the title picture for the past 2 or 3 years..Ive never saw anyone in the title picture for that long..It must really pay off to be a close friend to HHH

Imagine Jake the Snake crossbreeding a black mamba and an anaconda, comming back to the WWE, has his snake eat

I am tired of Batista but at least he hasn't been champion for 10 months now! John Cena sucks!

Join my wrestling clan!The GX?

very nice song.. as far as Batista goes I think it is time 2 but someone else in the title picture .Kane Chris Benoit Matt Hardy are some good people edge could feud with but i doubt they will put Matt in a feud with Edge because of the whole Lita situation.Mabye they will have Mr. Kennedy feud with edge once he returns from his injury since he lost his MITB match to edge.

Deluxe Aggrssion series 5 Triple H wearing Batistas trunks factory error?

its really time to give the miz, jimmy wang yang, chavo guerero, shannon moore, the boogeyman and funaiki that much deserved push into championship contention

Is wwe raw dying? Smackdown! rise up!!!!!?

Didn't look at the video.. but I'm so sick of Batista! They could have that 4-Way between Kane, Chris Benoit, Mark Henry and Finlay and have Kane or Benoit win, but no! Batista has to win and we have to have a gay steel cage match between Edge and Batista at One Night Stand! Well I hope Edge wins...

The Best RAW and SmackDown! theme songs?

dat shyt wuz funny az hell ya digg

b-cuz batista iz a homo lyk vince ma nigg@

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