Another question about JBL's commentary?

Question:Ok I just though about something else he says that's funny.

I remeber when undertaker was gonna Chokeslam Kennedy he said.

"Nighty, Night sweet prince"

And he also say's

"Ball game"

and calls cherri "sandy"

lol. I know I said this already but who thinks he's funny?


I am a big fan of WWE, but they just made a very dumb mistake?




He's one of the best commentators alive today. I am so glad he replaced Tazz.

Is there a WWE wrestler with fake ab implants?

JBL is My Son!

The game triple h 's return?

JBL truly is the best thing to ever come to commentary. His style is a refreshing change from the * Tazz was spurting out. If you want to hear truly * commentary, watch ECW sometime... Those two have no idea what the * is going on.

Judgement Day?

he might be good right now!!!! but not the BEST!!!

Do you Think You Will Be Able to Watch Wrestling In Heaven?

Sometimes he is and sometimes he's not. But at least he isn't using the same old phrase like JR. Not that I don't like JR, I'm just saying his stuff is repetitive

Who are you hoping...?

what was funny was the video john cena made of jbl after their i quit match

Does other people on this section have more respect for?

i think jbl was good in the beginning but has gotten really annoying with all of his dumb clisheas

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