Am I ever going to see an intelligent question or answer on this wrestling site?


Think this could happen?

I highly doubt it,this section has been taken over by idiots!!

Is finlay irish?

You are on a wrestling site.What did you expect??

Who thinks VH1 should do a McMahon Knows Best TV show?

Yes. Don't lose heart please.

Hey i was saw a Luchador match and i saw one of the manangers the whats the manager of LAX can u join 2 diffre

yep... if we stop posting questions like this...

Ecw question?

i farted

Should snitsky spit acid on kane's face so there would be need for a wrestling mask?

There is your intelligent answer
..('(...´...´. ¯~/'...')
....''...\.... _.•´

nk_121 your a legend

World wrestling entertainment?

not really. the most you'll see is 2 people who "haet" each other.

like the guy above

Name this superstar?

I doubt it, all i ever see is people who love jeff hardy, people who hate cena, and people who B!tch at other wrestling fans who dont like wrestling.

What do you think of this dream match?

if you don't like it go somewhere else

Who is the most ?

U r not the 1 asking intelligent questions.Look at u.

What to you think of mt wrestling card?

Maybe, i know i try to give well timed and accurete information in all my answers and questions, but i'd say 98% of the Yahoo people answer the questions to the form of CeNA is gayzzz!11!, or cENaRUlZ!1!1 when the question has to do with ECW, Stevie Richards or something Cena has nothing to do with.

This is hilarious 100 fatcs about chuck norriz read this?

Well, there use 2 be alot of cool people on here but lately it's been alot of mindless people wit nothing else better 2 do, but there r still a few cool people on here wit intelligent questions & answers.

Who will be the next world heavy champion ?

Not a chance! And if you post a reply that someone doesn't like, they'll have it deleted. Won't they Hallie?? (She knows what I'm talking about).

Does anyone know where can I find this song?

Well, I am not looking at an intelligent question now, but thanks for the points.

Best finisher ever?

What R.Bush guy said

How are they going to sell it as even slightly believable when Cena retains?

You're RETARTE.... oh sorry i meant REPORTED... You're now a reported user. hehe.

Tonights ppv?

Well, maybe if you wait long enough. Not all of us are semi-literate rednecks.

WWE Action Figures in the Philippines?

ive given intelligent answers.. but only to intelligent questions...

I will give you a best answer from me if you can answer this. who trained tajiri and where?

Go to another wrestling site then and shut up.

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