2 more questions for wwe fans?

Question:1.Do u want Kurt Angle to come back to wwe
I want him to come back and when he finally turns face they release him
2.What is yur opinion about C.M. punk
I think he and lashley are the future of ecw and when he gets a title u kno he wont get suspended for breaking a drug policy and have to give up the title like RVD had to


What is your favorite WrestleMania theme song ever?

i 100% agree that angle should come back
my opinion of cm punk he is the only thing that is carrying ecw i wish he would move to raw or smackdown

Is wwe a good program for childrens?

1) I don't want to see Angle, period.

2) CM Suck is terrible. I hope he never holds any WWE Championship, EVER.

Does she have herpes?

1. i really dont care becuase he is a sellout

2.he rules and should be ecw champion

What ever happened to AL Snow and his group of "jobbers" a.k.a " the job squad" from the late 90's wwf?

cm punk rulez.. and ya.. .. .


How much do wrestlers get paid?

1.) No
2.) he is awsome

Who heel were you rooting for last Friday, Finlay or The Miz?

Question 1:yes I love Kurt Angle and I want to see him wrestle for WWE again.
Question 2: I don't really like C.M.Punk.I don't like ECW for that matter.

Y r they pushing Umaga instead of Chris Masters?

1. I think Angle's doing great in TNA, but he's on a limited lifeline. i want him to stay in TNA, but WWE wouldn't have him back anyway, he's still very fucked up from his incessant drug abuse and it will only be a matter of time before he has a major body breakdown.

2. I hear all the praise for CM Punk, but I haven't been able to click with the guy yet, as of now I don't see what all the hype is about... I'm sure he will be a major player in ECW for a while, but I feel that in time he will be too good for ECW and sent over to a REAL brand, probably Smackdown. Notice how Lashley will stay on ECW forever though. I'm glad.

I just read that Shawn Michaels has blown out his knee?

1) kurt angle rules wherever he is
2) c.m punk is ok.. i don't like or dislike him..

Why didn't the news report on Bobby Lashley's arrest?

1. yes and no. yes because he's currently on a lesser promotion (fyi, i don't consider indy promotions to be lesser promotions, so... i guess you can see what i think of tna)

2. C.M. Punk and Lashley are good, but aren't getting used properly

Who do you think is the number one wrestler in the wwe right now?

1) I genuinely like kurt angle, but i wouldnt like to see him return to WWE, and i wouldnt like him to continue in TNA. Kurt is in bad health, and right now the last thing he needs is to get a serious injury, or be left i na wheel chair for life. I would like to see him step down and take a non-wrestling role. i would welcome him back to WWE if he were a manager etc. because he is hilarious. The thing is, he is too competitive, he wants to be the best at what he does, and i think he too knows that wrestling will be the death of him.

2) I dont know why CM Punk is so admired. i like the guy, but i dont see why everyone is in love with him. i seen a lot of his ROH stuff and generally a lot of his non-WWE stuff, but he never really stood out to me. and now in WWE, i think he is good, but im not convinced he is the future, maybe im just too use to WWE's way of doing things (otherwise known as the wrong way of doing things)

Where can you watch RAW or SMACKDOWN if you miss it?


Who do you dislike and like the most in the wrestling section??

1. Yes, we need more of the ANKLE LOCK
2. The most over rated loser since the Hardyz, Gay Mysterio and London&Kendrick

Do Edge Suck?

First of all RVD deserves to be at the top of the so called ECW. I call the Vince Mcmahon ECW because he totaly shitted on the memory of the original ECW. Lashley is overrated. CM Punk has potential to be a great wrestler, he would have fit in with the original ECW. Angle will stay in TNA and be an afterthought

Who has the lowist IQ in wwe right now?

I want Kurt to come back but I don't think he ever will and I'm not a fan of C.M. punk's.

With Cena making Khali tap do U consider him to be one of the best champs of all time?

1) yes. he was a great "wrestler" that was popular with the fans when he was face or heel. he was great to watch.

2) ECW and RAW sucks because vince killed them

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