All JEFF HARDY fans come here!!?!?


what do you think of this video --- made by ME?


Who in the wrestling section can't believe de la hoya lost to mayweather?

That video is awesome, Jeff Hardy rocks he is an amazing high flyer.

When is backlash on?

Jeff Hardy sucks, and is quite possibly the most overated piece of crap in the entire WWE, excluding John Cena.

What do you ppl think of Holla M, Magicmarker, and Independent Kid?

I like the video but it was kinda of short.I love Jeff Hardy he's so good.I think he's better than Matt.

Where do kane and lita live together.. I know they live In New Jersey somewhere.?

Not bad but one of the clips is a leg drop

Who thinks the wrestling section is full of fakes?

jeff hardy has fans?

Is Hulk Hogan still in the wwe or has he retired?

ehh this video is that great like other jeff hardy tributes, but its good that your making while others are just watching

WWE fans, are all the pay per views gonna be Tri-Branded now? It looks like Judgement Day is going to be.?

It's hood but its sorta short...nice can give it a nice finishing touch mayb


Its pretty much a crap video, and i can tell you used GIFs

Whatever happened to..??!??!1?

I love the video and I love Jeff Hardy

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