A question about WWE Backlash?

In the 3-1 handicap match for the ECW World Title, Lashley Vs. Umaga and the McMahons, does whoever get the pin win the title, or does Vince get it regardless of who on his side wins?


Who thought it was funny when Edge slapped Cena's dad?

the pin I'm like 99.99% sure

It is just me or does randy orton need to gain wait?

whoever gets the pin and I think it will be shane

What's more pathetic!?

the pin but umaga & the macmahonn's will beat the crap out of booby lashley then umaga will pin him and mr. mcmahhon or shane will stomp him because they thought that they would get the belt so umaga will beat them up then boby lashley will pin 1 of the mcmahhons so he'll keep it

Are you tired of fans quoting wrestlers?

i get it

and wtf is up wit ur avvie ***?

When will vince fire teddy long and assign william regal as the gm of smackdown?

Is it a title match??

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