All you phony wrestling fans should really feel embarrased and sad.?

Can you ppl believe that I just lost my new account that I just started up yesterday. This account was the account I really didn't care much about and yet you loserz started crying to your mommies and reported me when I wanted you ppl to do it. Now you loserz don't realize that I can keep making more profiles and come in and starting making your lives miserable. You ppl want something realistic, then tune in UFC for the best stuff around. WWE, ECW, and TNA doesn't do that. You ppl be saying I need a life, well you ppl all need a life for watching fake garbage and unrealistic crappy moves.


What wrestler is at wrestlemania revenge?

you need to REALLY get a life or i'll kick your *** back up your mother's ***

Is john cena black??

blah blah blah +2 Points

Paul Heyman?

yeah...wwe rox

Do you think Jeff will do a swanton bomb ?

man, you can have your opinion, because thats all it will over be, your opinion. I watch ufc too and it does rock extra hard, but hey, its not on everyday and wwe has been around since as far as i can remember so let the good times roll on with it

I have several questions about pro-wrestling (handicap, finisher). Thank you in advance..?

Yeah, cause UFC is so much better after the crackdowns. Go back and watch the original UFC PPVs and you will see something, not this garbage that is put on by Spike.
Get over yourself.

Favorite Giants of all time?

i really don't care what u say. i like what i like and u like what u like. get over it. your not better than me so stop b*tching and get on with your life.

Would ja rather ?

You are da gayest guy i ever heard. UFC is the gayest crap i ever seen WWe tna ecw are all bettr than gay UFC

Heres A Current Heavyweight Championship match?

you've got good material but your presentation doesn't impress me

try harder son

Hey Check out my website?

People can like what they like. But don't slag people off for it. You're giving a really bad impression of yourself by doing so. And for crying out loud - spell correctly!

Who can give me a link to some great wwe matches?

Yes, they did rid you of your account for abuse. Odds are they're going to do it again, and odds are you'll deserve it. Now, if it didn't bother you, you wouldn't say anything about it. Obviously it does, so good luck on making that new account for tomorrow.

Oh, and P.S.-it's okay to be a UFC and Pro Wrestling fan. I'm both, and I'm probably a bigger MMA fan than your poser ***. Just come out of the closet about being a wrestling fan already. I mean, there is no other reason for you to be on this board aside from you wanting to read about wrestling, talk about wrestling, and then cover your tracks by bad mouthing it when your friends..oh wait, probably don't have any of those...when your parents find you online talking about wrestling. Just get over yourself and go to a karate board or something, because UFC is Mixed Martial Arts, not wrestling, therefore you shouldnt' be here.

P.S.S.-Pride Fighting Championship's way better than UFC. Have a nice day, loser.

If WWE made John Cena hold the WWE Title for 10 more years to beat Sammartino's record, what would you do?

You can't preach your * to anybody, we can like whatever the hell we want to. Your words mean absolute S-H-I-T!

Why do they keep showing promos for Snitsky on Raw?

And you know who's responsible from that happening?
Y dont u ask him not to post this question!

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