♥ Would you consider TRISH & LITA wrestlers of past or present?

Question:hey all! miss me?? lol well im doing a project for my skool on woman wrestlers in the entertainment industry... rite know im doing famous woman wreslters of the past. would you consider trish and lita past or present??


-Princess Stephyyyy


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I would consider them wrestlers of the past. The present would mean they are still currently doing it which neither of them are, so yeah. you could use them for your project.

Hope you get an A+++++ :)

Good Luck

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past even though they retired just last year, i wish they's come back

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i miss you..and i used to be known as..well if you read the bottom of About me you will know and see...I used to like rye as my favourite..now it's the rock! I would consider them past...and they rocked!

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lita is past but the blonde chick name trish will be back in the wwe to show skin since she realized she doesn't have much of a brain to do anything else..

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Recent Past but Past since both no longer wrestle.

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Past. Present would only be Diva's that are currently in the buisiness. I wish they didn't retire, though. Even the no one really likes Lita anymore, I think if she had stayed for another month or two, she would've turned sides.

Hope this helps!

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hey, i dont think they can be called past or present, because they werent retired long enough to be considered past & they arent the present since they are not there. but they can be called female wrestling icons because they changed the way men look at women... although with the womens division now trish & lita's work is going to be ruined

= /

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WWE Rots little girl

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I would say they are of the past since now they are listed on the Alumni section on WWE.com.

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the past.

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past: Trish, Lita, Chyna, fabulous moolah, and sable

present: Ashley, Mickie James, Melina & maria

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