A few questions?

Question:1. Is Randy Orton really not going to be at Backlash?

2. Which is the best tag team: Hardyz, Bros of destruction, DX?

3. How is Lashley going to overcome the odds at Backlash?

4. Do you like my new avatar?


The solution 2 all of wwe problems?

1-Hope So
3-He will

How would u feel??

4. No

Who else thinks Judgment Day wil be the worst PPV of the year!!!?

1. No I don't think so.

2. Brothers Of Destruction.

3. I have no idea.

4. Rey Mysterio is cool bro.

How Did You Feel About Wrestlemania 23??

1. I hope so. I think he isn't because of a couple of reason. He is probably getting fired.

2. I like DX, it is much better.

3. I hope he isn't.

4. It looks nice.

Why is Shawn Michaels so obsessed with the WWE Heavyweight Title?

1)Yes,it was just a rumar and there has not been any announcements.
2)Bros.of Destruction or DX,they both are vthe best tag teams in the WWE,on DX they both are dominant but on Bros.of Destruction are bigger,The Undertaker is the dominant but Kane but the Undertaker is the best wrestler in the Smackdown brand.
3)Lashly is going to win because the Mcmahons are going to screw them.
4)it is pretty good.

Now hold on a second please?

1. He will going to there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/wwe_backlas...

2.Brothers of destruction

3. Unknown

4. Look good.

Gene Snitsky vs. Khali?

1. He will be there. but i dont think wwe will make him champ.

2. DX

3. you never know

4. Yeah its pretty cool.

Whats your opinion on wwe's ageing roster?

Randy orton is going to be in Backlash And he is gonna loose. All of thosetag teams are good but ill go with DX. There may be a possibility of lashly to loose. Yeah I like ur avatar because rey mysterio is cool.

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