One more question for now. Sabin or Rey Mysterio?


Who has the highist IQ in wwe?

there both awesome. rey and sabin are awesome

that would be a great match too

Do you think that once the new ecw dies that it will harm the original ecw legacy?

Rey Mysterio

Wwe - who do you think will win at judgement day the great kahli or john cena?

chris sabin

Does Cena know he has many fans on Y!Answers?

mysterio cuz hes a better high flyer

Write it down ... You like writing things down ... ?

sabin sucks rey mysterio is the s-h-i-t. sabin can't say he's been nwa world heavyweight championship or other heavyweight champion; mysterio can.

I Have 2 wrestling questions?

Sabin. Rey's knees are junk.

Number One Contenders Extreme Battle Royal Match for the ECW Championship, who would win?

Rey Mysterio all the way

Spidey Must Know .. Which Wrestling Action Figures Do You Own?

Rey Mysterio
TNA Sucks

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