3 Questions.?

Question:1)Why did the wwe post the results of Edge being champ be4 it aired?
2)Who is gonna win in this rap battle:Me or MaKeVeLi?
3)Who is better?:MVP or The Miz?


Who`s ur fav diva?

1. They always do that ... its just not as SOON as you go on WWE.com, This time they decided to do it cause its really important...
2. Um...YOU! =D
3. MVP

Who is the best wrestler in wwe??

1) to beat spoiler sites
2) you always lose
3) mvp duh


1. Becasue its HUGE and BIG!

2. you

3. MVP

Raw question?

Cause they wanted the people that might miss such an important match to know the results to its fullest.

You will :)

MVP, he has more talent than the Miz.

What has happened since I have left?

1. No idea. Probably to hype the next show.
2. No idea.
3. MVP.

Think that taker will win since batista gotten a bad hamstring and that kenndy may use mib tonight.?

1. because they wanted this weeks smackdown to have extremely high ratings (and it will)
2. i dont know, when is this rap battle taking place?
3. mvp, although miz doesnt get much tv time so we cant be too sure

Someone here told me Mickie James is taken, ok well, I want a wwe diva. Which one should I take?

1 answer for #1- Because it's scripted.

Why does wwe always hire steroid freaks instead of real wrestlers?

1) because Edge won, its surprising, and it's awesome
2) you
3) MVP is a better heel

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