Any Spoilers for Smackdown or TNA?

My Eternal Pain...will be your unspeakable suffering..


Who would you most like to see as the next WWE champion?

The Hardy Boyz beat Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms in a pre-TV dark match. This was held before the ECW TV taping and opened the show for the live crowd.

- As they made the change from the ECW set to the Smackdown set, a Triple H video package played on the Tron.

- Smackdown opens with Batista, Mr. Kennedy and Finlay brawling backstage. Eventually the brawl takes them onto the stage. The lights go out, then return with Undertaker stood in the middle of the ring. They lights go back off and back on, with Undertaker nowhere to be seen.

- The Undertaker & Batista vs Mr. Kennedy & Finlay in a no DQ match was announced as the main event.

- The Boogeyman & Kane beat William Regal & Dave Taylor after The Boogeyman hit Taylor with a sit-down version of Khali’s finisher. This one dragged.

- Deuce (w/Domino) beat Brian Kendrick (w/Paul London).

- MVP cut a quick promo, then won a quick squash match against ‘The Scottish Champion’ (Drew Galloway we think). MVP grabs the mic to announce a second opponent, but he’s interrupted by Chris Benoit. We get Benoit vs MVP right away, with Benoit winning via countout after MVP rolls out the ring to avoid the diving headbutt, and walks away. He teases returning to the ring at the count of nine, but walks away again.

- Teddy Long and Kristal were shown backstage talking.

- Jillian Hall vs Michelle McCool was up next. Jillian sang and dedicated her song to Prince William, since he’s single now. Somehow she sounds even worse live than on TV. Jillian then beat McCool, but got beat up after the match.

- The Undertaker & Batista vs Mr. Kennedy & Finlay is up now. Batista is working with his right thigh taped up. Batista pinned Finlay after a spinebuster for the win. Post-match, Batista cut a promo, saying he’d take his World Title back from Undertaker this Sunday. Undertaker responded by saying he’ll take Batista’s soul

I dont know about TNA

How do you feel about John Cena lose his belt?

Undertaker and Batista vs Mr. Kennedy and Finlay again!

Benoit vs MVP(non title)

No Idea about TNA


Cage vs Abyss

Would you like to see Tammy "Sunny" Sytch come back to the WWE, even if she's pretty out of shape?

Are you one of those marks?

Undertaker vs Miz or Gregory Helms.
Dudley boyz(Team 3D) vs LAX again and again.

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