2 Questions??

Question:1) Who is more annoying Independant or Independant Kid?

2) Who should beat the hell out of Cena? I say The Hardyz ,DX and Rated RKO


What is lilyounglady12's problem?

1) i can't tell they are equally annoying

2) HBK


Who Is Better John Cena or The Big Red Monster Kane?

Independent Kid

No comment.

Witch wrestler has risked himself more than anyone in the wwe?

There both annoying.

No 1 will beat up Cena cause Cena rulz.

Who loves jeff hardy? isn't he sexy?

1)Independent Kid
2)Totally Agree and MVP!

Why does Vince McMahon look so stupid lately since he won the ECW Championship?

1)Kid since he's on here more
2)The Elite 5(taker,HHH,HBK,Orton and Kane)

Shawn Michaels entrance speech?

Independent Kid

Dx, 'cause Dx rules you all!

Ceeman tried to rape me last night?

The only thing more annoying than being Independant is wanting to be Independant!

DX are not going to reunite for months... Rated RKO are no longer a tag team so that leaves team Extreme to take on Cena and whoop his A55! Then Jeff wil go for the title and Matt will challenge Santino for ic gold and Team Extreme will rule again!

One more question for now. Sabin or Rey Mysterio?

1. Independant. Uch. Altho they could both be one of the same.
2. Hey now, I say, Cena, The Hardyz, and DX beat the helloutta Rated RKO? Couldn't we comprimize?

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