A tag Team Question.?

Question:(*) Which Team is beast:
Team A.) Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Kane and HBK.
Team B.) Batista, John Cena, Bobby Lashly and Umaga.
Team C.) RVD, Sabu, Sand Man and Tommie Dreamer.
(*) Which Team is cool:
Team A.) Matt, Jeff, Mizz and Jericho
Team B.) Kenady, MVP, Edge and Randy.
Team C.) HBK, HHH, Kip James, B.G James and Chyna.


Who else is starting to respect John Cena?

team A and team c

Finaly some one is going to take out cena anyone it does matter that foo is overrated?

Team A
Team B

What did you think of Timbaland's "Throw It On Me" video?

Team A

Team B

ECW, a punishment?


Team B

Elite 5 rocks

If you saw someone who is trying to kill your favorite wrestler or beat them?


Why does Batista's breathe stink?

i like a and b

Naruto vs Sasuke. Who really won? your thoughts?

Team B, And team B

Whoever is watching PPV Sacrafice can u tell me what happens plz?

Team C = RVD , Sabu, Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

Team A = Matt, Jeff, Mizz and Jericho

What is your opinion of CM Punk?

(*) Which Team is beast:
Team C.) HBK, HHH, Kip James, B.G James.

(*) Which Team is cool:
Team C.) HBK, HHH, Kip James, B.G James.

Any questions?

Where do you get wwe dude love stone cold with vest, and brett hart?

none because U didnt include Eddie Gurrero and Rey Mysterio!

What do you think of edge and the world heavyweight title?

best:team a, cool:team b

With most of smackdown's superstars out, should WWE give cruiserweights some of the spotlight?

Team A

In Team B, Batista and Lashley are full of steroids and Umaga and Cena can't wrestle. In Team C, RVD and Sabu are old, and so are Tommy Dreamer and Sandman.

Team A

Even though this team has Miz in it who's not so cool, in this team there is only 1 uncool person. Team B has MVP who counts as two how much he sucks, and Team C has two people I've never even heard of, Kip James and B.G. James?

What happen in the HBK vs. Edge match. Did anybody come out.?

team c 4 both

How can i get the presale for wwe raw tickets?

it will be dx john cena bataist bobby laschy

WWE is in big time trouble do you agree?

The Best team of thos probably Team A

the coolest team ..dunno so then Team B by a bit

Have you seen the finishing move, the "Bulgarian Piledriver"?

Team A (taker benoit, hbk, kane)

Team A (Hardyz miz jericho

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