All the new random wrestlers?

I love wwe especially raw but i think that they should stop choosing random people out of the audience and scripting them to win, its really cool and entertaining but they are making their own wrestlers look bad by making the random person win, like santino marella, i love watching him fight but like i said before, and that guy in iraq that broke the master lock...what do you guys think?


Who know a good free wrestling game?

agreed. it makes the wrestler look very poor. i mean if your after been in WWE for a while, and a fan can beat you.. what does that say abou tWWE's competition as a whole?

Its a silly concept

Does a small (16') ring make the action look "amateur"?

Santino Marrela is really a wwe star the script made him be a fan but he has been working w/ WWE for a while now

and the solider who broke the masterlock challenge was actually Master's Brother in law
besides is there a problem if a solider breaks the master lock challenge

Do you think that Shawn Michaels will be @ raw tonight?


new guys suk lik marrala

Who thinks this was the greatest move ever?

It's Marella's gimmick.. don't be such a mark..

Hell in the cell?

I think you're right but I also think that no matter what we say on here is going change the WWE maybe we all should complain to their website.At least someone working for WWE will see it there.

Do you want him to have the title?

santino marella is a real wrestler that was in ovw.

and raw and ecw sucks cause vince ruined it.
shane should convince him to retire so that shane can run the business and make raw and ecw rise again.

but in the mean time, SMACKDOWN! will rise up

Who do you hate more John Cena or Edge?

Hi i am Johny. will you be my friend?

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