AH OH, a new feud is starting in wrestling section! CM PUNK vs G6260?

Question:cm punk and g6260 r kinda feuding!

who will win??!! , BOTH great men.. and good answerers.. .BUT ONLY 1 WILL SURVIVE??!!

.. .get redy .. . .


who do u like better??


How much do u know about wrestling? trivia!?

I don't feud. I'm of a higher calling.

Just because this guy posts negative things about me in several questions, doesn't mean I have to respond to the childish remarks, and I guarantee you I won't.

He can bash me and insult me all he wants, but I'm just going to ignore it all and go about my regular business.

Hey FAKE wrestling fans - Why don't you get off our section?


My name Is Bobby Lashley and I love to.?

im better and will kick his @ss

and those other @ssholes who is taking g6260's side need to shut up

In all honesty... what is more entertaining for you... TNA or ECW?

from what it seems g6260 is too mature to "fued" with someone over the internet

Where can i watch backlash for free?

G6260, anyone who likes CM Suck has Zero knowledge of wrestling. Woop his @ss G6260

How about Bringing more Hardcore Matches??(More Action , less soap Acting).?

G6260 is way better then CM Flunk

Edge..Mr. MITB?!?

judging from the answers on this question, G has proven to be the more mature guy, so i take his side.. although im sure punk was just trying to be funny, and kinda was...

Undertaker is the best why?

cant everyone just get along

What ever happened to the great women in wrestling?

I think feuds are great because it is just like wwe but heels always win. Who ever is the heel will win the feud

Why are most wwe fan's so ignorant?

Look at this, it's like a giant metaphor of wrestling. We have the intelligent wrestling fan that people openly say is better than the shitbag he is facing, but look at at all the answers here saying he is better... They have maybe 4 thumbs up and 9 thumbs down. WHY DONT THE IDIOTS THAT PUT THUMBS DOWN MAYBE ADD SOMETHING SO AS TO VALIDATE YOUR POINT?

Just like WWE intelligent smarks that voice their opinions are constantly shot down by marks with nothing more to add than 'cENA isa~~~~!!sxchaPin!'

G6260 wins by default in a) being more mature and b) refusing to fight about this..

How do I get Torrie Wilson to stop calling me?


If batisteroids beat undertaker for the title next week who hopes to see kennedy take it from him?

G6260 g26260 G6260

WWE fans "WHAT THE FU**?!?

what? did i miss anything?!

Is professional wrestling staged?


Who out there is glad Mark Henry is back? I am not!?

well its a tie with me since there both rebels and sppeak what ever they want but i like G6260 cuz im wana his fans

I didn't watch Raw last Monday, What happened on Raw last Monday? Anything Big or Intresting happened?And why?


Has anybody seen that ric flair and the 4 horsemen dvd yet?

thank you for being mature g6260, cm junk obviously needs a life.

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