3 wwe questions?

Question:1.Who should be the next wwe champ ?
I think it should be Randy Ortin
2.What team should be the next WWE tag team champs? They should let Kane & Boogeyman have the titles
3.Who is your favorite heel?


Would Edge ever leave Raw?

1. Randy
2. Regal and Taylor
3. Edge and Mr. Kenndy

What was worse: John Cena's album or his movie?

same as yours

Does anyone really like Christan Cage?

Because of all the cross-branding they're doing lately anybody could end up as the WWE Champ. As for the Tag Team Champs? Kane+Boogeyman or give 'em back to London and Kendrick. And my favorite heel? Edge >=]

Who would win? Steve-o or gay cena?

1 i'm gonna have to say shawn because he's done alot for wwe
2 i think when rey gets back him an chris benoit should team up an be tag team champs
3 id have to agree with you on that one

Kane v.s triple H have they faced plaease tell me who won. and who is stronger?

Jeff Hardy (for a few months because no one would expect it)

Hillbilly tag team probably

Carlito Cool

What about Sid Vicious in WCW?

1.Who should be the next wwe champ ?
Either Randy Orton, or Definitely Jeff Hardy!! Yeah!!
2.What team should be the next WWE tag team champs? Hardy Boyz RULE!!
3.Who is your favorite heel?
Either Carlito or Mr. Kennedy

Old School vs. Nu Skool part 1?

The best choice for champ would be Jeff Hardy. Matt should be the would champ in the coming year. I can't say Ortan because he is nothing more than A spoiled touble making baby that should have been suspended for that Euro hotel thing.

Kane and Boogeyman would be good tag champs.

As for favorite heel. I can't say Kennedy because he is to likable. So for the time being Mark Henry wins.


agree on all of them. HBK or ortan

Why u should not watch Raw 2nite?

mr kennedy
cryme time
triple h

What Do You Think Of The BoogeyMan?

randy Orton or mr. kkkkkeeeeennnnnnneeeeeedddddyy...

kane & boogeyman

mr. kkkkeeeennnneeeeddddyyyy...

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