All Champs have some sort of relationship...?

Question:Both the World Champs (Edge and Christian) are "brothers"
and Both the abrreviated Champs (w.w.e. and e.c.w.) are in a relationship! (boyfriend/boyfriend)... did anone else no about this?


Another WWE question?

LMAO good one on the Cena McMahon thing there, yeah that is neat about Christian, and Edge being both Champs, they're both being scumbags right now also, Now where is Gangrel gonna pop up with a championship?

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i knew about it especially the cena and vince part

How did the critics take the condemned,hahaha you gotta see this?

yeah, like the way the 23rd WWE intercontinental champion was in an affair with a woman that was 29th most likely during the school year to end up being involved with wrestling somehow and then her mother was married to a guy that was friends with the 2nd nwa wrestling champion who also knew a guy called steve who was one half of a team that was the 3rd uswa tag team champions which means... oh no.. triple h and stephanie are brother and sister... how could they?!


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No, and Edge and Christian aren't brothers, they went to high school together.

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