Admit it! You know it's true!?

You love me don't you?


Should Vince McMahon retire ECW and Smackddown?

Imposter! Your not the real Mr. Magic aka Keiran Abdullah!

Let me adopt you!

Little Bastard, Mini Boogeyman or Dink the Clown!!?

Who would love a gay,stupid,boring,ugly freak guy like you?

Shut it up!

Is this rumor true?

no.. i dont actually.. go find urself a boyfriend, ok?

Where can you get paul burchall's current entrance theme?

No I don't !! Really !!

Do u think lance cade is the future of wwe ? hes looking quiet effective as of late?

I love you. I have a little love for all human beings (at least I think you are)

But just because I LOVE you...doesn't mean I LIKE YOU.

WHEN iS MAYRSE GONNA DO SOMETHING?? has his avatar and plaenty more points.

If he were to return, how bad would Goldust kick Cena's @ss?

I DONT LOVE YOU!! biotch!!

Questions about wwe?

and do you wrestle under the name
ego Man?

UFC Championship?

Don't know who Mr.Magic is, but thx for the points.

Who is mickie james dating and ashely and candice,also layla?


Will Triple H win the championship for an 11th time? And if he does, where at?

2 points

2 stars in the making right there?


What did you like about the britishbulldog?

no but easy 2 points

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