Anyone know the truth about HBK's injuries?

They are saying that Shawn Michaels is down from a head injury. I don't believe it. Anyone know what is really going on?


WWE finally got something right?

His knees are blown out and he needs surgery on one or both of them.

AJ Styles is the face of TNA. Does anybody else, besides me, think that is a good decision by TNA?

he straind a tricep

Judgement day?

he will be out for a very long time

Besides saying "DAMN!" alot will Farooq ever do anything else for WWE again?

ITS TRUE!!! he could barely walk and it showed him getting going to hospital after judgment day idiot! god its true!!

HE is like hurt and need sergery and had 2 CONCUSSIONS IN LIKE 5 OR 6 DAYS!!!!!

so ya i think hes hurt, dummy.

Dream of all WWE fans.?

he had a concussion because great khali did a modified double hand chokeslam on him through anouncer table and last week he was already injured when he faced edge's farewell match , in which it got worse , last nite in judgement day durin bakstage randy pushed hbk headfirst in steel pipe causin him to be " more injure" , he also had knee problem for over a month

durin the match he was so weaken he could bearly stand but he force refree to continue the match , however durin the end he tried to hit sweet chin music but collapse , refree stopped the match and afterward orton gave him deadly RKO

right now theres no question that he will be out of action for now but theres very good chance he may never recover ENUGH .

but i cant imagine WWE without heart breakkid ....

Who agrees that Smackdown is getting boring?

the WWE is all bs, i use 2 like it but its 2 fake 4 me, HBK is probly restin his back or just restin cause bein in a ring runnin and fallen like an idiot will make u tired after a few yrs of doin that

Was this Eric Bischoff's greatest accomplishment?

In real knife he blowed out his knee and he requires knee surgery.He has been having problems with his knee from last summer and was supppose to take time off but becasue of the reuniting of dx he decides to work through it.After triple h got injured he knew he was gonna have to try and work with the bad knee even more cause raw was loosing a main event guy so the wwe did that storyling where they say suffer he suffer from a concussion to explain a reason for his absence from tv while inreal knife he really needs time off for his surgery.

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