Who do u think would win LOOk at the pic BElow?

Question:PIC number 1 person number 1

pic number 2 person number 2


Judgement Day 2007 Results?

Big Show no doubt !

When Is Mark Henry Actually going to come back?



idk they are both GROSS!!!

Rey Mysterio...?

The BigShow..

Is anybody tell me from where i can download wwe vidios?

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH... a hard one finaly. Um i believe that it would be a real sloberknocker.I would want to watch.I think that it would be a double knock out. Extend and tell me a match and ill get back to you ok?

Will sheeple BAAA "WHAT" throughout my movie in just out of force of habit ?

The Great Khali, he could woop Big Shows a** so easily.

When did Edge come the World Heavy Weight Champion?

i would want the big show to win rather than the great dummee who looks like a retarded kermit the frog on steroids he so smart he doesnt even know that those hits that hes taken hurts and he supposed to stay down an get counted out. maybe when the game gets back he can teach him that!

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